A decline in the levels of testosterone is no good news to any bodybuilder. Not only does this lead to reduced libido but worse off, low testosterone contributes to the increase in the deposition of fat on the body causing loss of muscle and gaining of weight. All these are highly undesirable to any person, and bodybuilders are worst hit because they will experience stagnation in muscle growth, declining strength, meaning that they will end up being poor performers when it comes to weight training. However, when this happens, you do not have to turn to unsafe ways of boosting testosterone levels testogen. Here are 4 safe ways to help you boost testosterone release.

Shed the Extra Weight

Did you know that in the fats that your body has, estrogen is stored in their cells? This means that people who have more fat on their bodies have large quantities of estrogen. The balance between estrogen and testosterone is inversely proportional in that the more estrogen you have, the less testosterone you have.

Instead of looking for artificial sources of testosterone, work on losing the excess weight in order to reduce the amount of estrogen in the body. However, opting for crash diets in order to lose weight is still not a safe way to boost testosterone because your body will feel starved and stop producing testosterone.

Weight Lifting

Bodybuilders who engage in lifting weights that help target carious groups of muscle at a go do more than just build muscle. Dead lifts, squats, power cleans, bench presses and military presses are some of the safe ways of forcing your body produce more testosterone. However, if you want to get a better boost in the release of testosterone, try lifting at your upper limit.

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Weights that are heavy enough such that the bodybuilder can only do about three sets only, each with five reps with just one minute of rest in between are the best for boosting testosterone levels safely. However, exercise caution so that you do not overdo them. Give your muscle enough rest (at least 24 hours between training workouts) to avoid a decline in testosterone that can go up to a 40% decrease.

Take More of Monounsaturated Fat

Although you might be working to lose the fat cells around your body that could be housing estrogen, ensure that you get 30% of the calories you take in from fat. The importance is that the production of testosterone in your body requires adequate supply of fats.

Try to ensure that you include monounsaturated fat in your diet. Research has shown that bodybuilders who depend on a diet with monounsaturated fats end up producing more testosterone compared to those who don’t. Sources for such fats include canola oil, olive oil, peanut butter and omega-3 fats or sea fish.

Stimulation Produces Testosterone

One of the remarkable studies on bodybuilding and the release of testosterone in a more natural sense were conducted by Ludwig Boltzman Institute for Urban Ethology in Austria. In the study by this institute, it is revealed that men who get stimulated sexually 100% more often produce more testosterone than those who don’t. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do!